Change Older Posts,Home and Newer Post Links to Buttons in Blogger

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In Blogger Blogs, there are newer posts, home and older posts links below every post. That's been set by default by blogger , but you can change them to buttons as mentioned above or the text of your choice. e.g.. next page or previous page.
Preivious, Home and Next Post Button

In this tutorial I'll teach you how you can change these links into buttons or change the text to your choice.
So let's start changing these links by some very simple steps.

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Change Older Posts,Home and Newer Post Links to Buttons in Blogger

Start the procedure by following below steps:

Log-in to Blogger dashboard
Go to Template >> HTML >> Check the Expand Widget Template

For Previous Post Button search for below code (tip: use CTRL+F)
Replace it with this code below:
<img src="Img-Url-for-previous-button"/>

For Next Post Button search for this code:
Replace it with this one below:
<img src="Img-url-for-next-button"/>

For Home Button search for this code:
The above code may appear twice, so both times replace it with below code:
<img src="img-url-for-home-button"/> 

Now save your template and you've done almost all steps :-)

Things to Remember

  • Change bold img tag URL's with your desired Button URL's or if you just want to change the text then only write the desired text (do not write any URL.)
  • You can download the buttons from Google then upload it on your blog new post to get the URL on the images, then copy that URL's and paste them in these codes and then visit your Blog and see the butons working.

If you have any questions regarding this post than comment below.


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